Vision Exams For Children

The American Optometric Association recommends that pre-school children receive a complete vision exam at the ages of six months, three years and five years. It is particularly important that a child have a complete evaluation in the summer prior to entry into Kindergarten. While in school, yearly evaluations are recommended.

What is Vision Therapy?

We are a pediatric optometric practice specializing in developmental vision therapy. Our doctor and therapists are devoted to caring for your child's eyes with a friendly and professional attitude. We care about your child as a person andour scope of practice goes beyond 20/20 vision (20/20 only means seeing clearly at a distance of twenty feet).

Take the Vision Quiz!

Learn how to detect possible visual problems in a child or adult with our vision quiz along with helpful checklists on this page.

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What Are Families Saying?

Here you can find testimonials from our patients and their families. See what people are saying about Pediatric Vision Development Center in Centerton.

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Children’s Eye Safety